From birth to death we humans are constantly made aware of the presence of God, The Creator. God has created the Universe, the Sun and the Earth. God has given life from unicellular amoebae to multicellular complex animals and humans. HE/SHE has created species that look alike and replicate alike. The most complex of these species happens to be the one we belong to. We, as humans, can not only do what the other species do but we also have Emotions. We can be happy, sad, hurt, jealous, shy, angry, depressed and a multitude of varied feelings. As we go through life we come across situations that either heighten or suppress our emotions. These situations could be external factors over which we have no control. All we can do is simply react to them. Those situations that evoke a happy response in us are, unfortunately, quickly forgotten. However, those life's incidences that make us extremely unhappy or are earth shattering remain with us throughout our lives. That is the time when we look up at the sky and ask God, Oh God, why did you do this to me? Could you not have made life simpler or happier for me? We want to ask God why S/HE gave us this beautiful life if we had to live in poverty, sickness, degradation and humiliation. Why did S/HE create accidents, deformities, diseases and war? Why did S/HE make our loved ones die, why did they have to die so painfully? If death is a part of life then why do living people have to suffer so much if their loved one dies?

We also wonder why people want to hurt each other, say and do nasty things to each other, derive immense pleasure from other people's misery. One wonders why people use, abuse, scheme, plot, murder or rape other people. 7.5 billion people on Earth will surely have as many questions to ask God.

Alas, as we all know, God is elusive. People have dedicated their entire lives in search of God. Some say they have seen God and are blessed by HIM/HER, but majority of us are still in the quest of HIM/HER. We are positive that if ever find God, we will have only questions and more questions to ask HIM/HER. Until now we had only two options for asking God questions. One was looking up and addressing the sky in general and the other was visiting our place of worship and praying to the idol we have faith in. However, now with, we go a step further towards reaching out to God by writing to HIM/HER. The sheer act of organizing ones thoughts and putting them down in writing is known to have a cathartic effect on millions of people. And if you thought that praying in a place of worship is going to make God sit up and notice you, then surely your letter written to HIM/HER would galvanize HIM/HER into some action

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