Do you wonder why God has made this world, why S/HE has given you life, why S/HE has made things beautiful and ugly? Do you ever wonder why God has made the rich and the poor, good and the bad, happy and the unhappy, jealous and the angry, desirable and frustrating, healthy and the unhealthy? Why God has made war and peace, hate and love, deceit and betrayal, right and wrong?

Do you ever wonder why God has made you short or tall, fat or thin, fair or dark, beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb, healthy or unhealthy, rich or poor, kind or unkind? Do you ever wonder why YOU are stuck with YOUR parents and not somebody else’s parents, this country and not that country, this teacher and not that teacher, this boss and not that boss, this spouse and not that spouse, this car and not that car, this house and not that house, these children and not those children, this bank balance and not that bank balance.

Have you ever felt frustrated with life and wanted to ask God why S/HE has destined this life upon you? Have you ever prayed to God asking HIM/HER to make things better for you and your loved ones? Have you ever thought of writing to God and telling HIM/HER exactly the way you feel?

If yes, then you can now write2god and mail your letters through Angel Courier Services which will hand deliver your message to God. God’s have their own divine ways of revealing life’s secrets and realities to their children, so don’t expect an e-mail reply from HIM/HER. Just wait and watch. God will reveal HIS/HER response through people and events around you. HIS/HER response might be easily noticeable or extremely subtle. At times, you might have to ask yourself, "is this what God is trying to tell me?"

In either case, answer God will and know You will. You just have to be patient and practice the all important tenets of Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Think no Evil. Every deed of yours gets entered in your personal diary maintained by God. You know God is watching. And now you know S/He is waiting for your next letter too. At least now you can write to HIM or HER and ask, Why oh Why! Your letters will be entirely confidential and for Gods eyes only.


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