Life! One thing certain in life is Death. All living beings, small and big, have to die one day. This is how our Creator wanted it to be. Plants, Animals, Human beings have to depart from this world leaving behind just the memories with their loved ones.

We, the people who are alive, take life for granted. We never say Die. We go through our day-to-day business, plan for tomorrow and dream for the day after. We emotionally bond with our families and pets that give meaning to our lives.

We work for them, cook for them, spend money on them, fight for them, fight with them, get angry with them, be mean to them and sometimes even make them cry. And suddenly, one day, without any warning, THEY DIE.

How could that happen? Our loved ones were supposed to be immortal. They were supposed to come back to you and make amends. They were supposed to tell you that they loved you in spite of all your shortcomings. They were supposed to stand by you through thick and thin and sick and sin. But alas! They are not there with you anymore.

Now who are you going to talk to everyday? Who is going to comfort you when you are down? You know nobody else will be able to take that loved one’s place. You can never have another father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, teacher, coach, boyfriend, girlfriend or your faithful pet. You know you can never physically touch them, but in your mind’s eye they are so vivid that you can hear them and see them. You can feel their presence and know that their soul is with you. You tell yourself that your loved one has gone on a long journey and from now on will be living in Heaven, close to God, happy and content, just watching over you.

Would you like to write to your loved one and tell them how much you love them, miss them and yearn for them? Would you like to make amends with them and tell them that you are sorry for the things you said to them. Would you like to write to them and tell them something that you could never tell a single living person around you. Would you like to keep them updated on what’s going on with your life and how the world has changed after they have departed?

If yes, then click on write2loved-one if your loved one happens to be in the People’s Kingdom of Heaven or click on write2pet if they happen to be in the Animal Kingdom of Heaven. Your mail will be taken by Angel Courier Services, which will hand deliver your letter to your loved one. As the technology of e-mail services have not been perfected by the immortals, you won't be getting a reply to your letters. But don’t be disheartened. Look at the brighter side. At least you can write to them. Someday you may get a reply.

Hey, are you one of the lucky ones who has your loved-one still around you? Yet, are you the hesitant one waiting for the right time to talk those things out with them, which are still hurting you? Well, here is a good chance for you to put your thoughts down in writing and storing them in your own personal diary. Just pour out your heart in this diary and give an outlet to all your pent-up emotions. Don't hold anything back. Just write it as you would say it to that person.


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