Humans, as such, are extremely complex beings. We possess a spectrum of feelings and emotions that range from mild to extreme. We could like someone superficially or love someone intensely. We could be happy or we could be heart broken. We could dislike someone or hate someone. We could be tolerant or intolerant, we could be submissive or rebellious. We could be forgiving or revengeful, we could be mildly envious or spitefully jealous, we could be irritable or furious.

These are but a few examples of the shades of human nature. Those emotions that are mild in intensity are easily manageable by you and do not cause distress. On the other hand, those emotions which are extremely intense cause immense distress within you. You do not know how to effectively deal with such emotions and more often than not these emotions manifest themselves in an ugly expression.

As we move towards the darker shades of emotions and do something that is totally against our personality or our fellow human beings, our actions move away from the wisdom of Good and succumb to the rashness of Bad.

How often do we tell lies to cover our shortcomings, how often do we blame others for some wrong that we did, how often are we jealous of successful / beautiful or rich people around us. How often do we wish that these rich, successful and beautiful people suddenly become poor, unsuccessful and ugly. How often do we wish ill luck to sportsmen from our own team before a match. And would we not take this opportunity to get together with our friends to joyfully and systematically dissect the finest shortcomings of these Oh So Rich and Beautiful people. We know that simply wishing for things to happen does not make them happen. Yet we curse and complain, give in to our weaknesses and desires and spit out a spiel of venom that has accumulated within us. Somebody else's loss is our gain, may not be literally, but we do derive immense pleasure in watching other people taking the fall.

Do you think that you have done or said something wicked and felt happy about it. Would you like to write to Goddess Nemesis, the Goddess of divine revenge, and tell her about it. Remember writing to Nemesis and confessing your misdeed is not going to absolve you from your doings nor is Nemesis going to write back to you to tell you what to do or what not to do. But you know how good it feels to just write about our negative feelings and let Nemesis know about it.

If yes, then you can now write2nemesis and mail your letters through Wicked Courier Services which will hand deliver your message to Nemesis herself.


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